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Change your DNS on Android, no matter you are using mobile data (4G LTE, 3G or 2G) or WiFi.
Secure your queries with DNSCrypt support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

What is DNS?
DNS resolves domain names to IP addresses. DNS is a vital part of the internet communication.

Why do I need to change my default DNS?
By default, you use your ISP's DNS. Using global DNS providers might help you to speed up your web browsing, block malware, phishing attacks and malicious sites, filter unwanted sites. These DNS providers update their information frequently so they might resolve web browsing errors.

Why I need this app to change my DNS?
Android restricts changing DNS, especially on mobile networks. This app makes changing DNS simple and automatic.

What is DNSCrypt?
DNSCrypt is an open source project that verifies DNS answers to prevent man in the middle attacks.

Device Support

Is my phone or tablet supported?
If you are using Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and above, your device is supported. You can always try the free version and see if everything works.

I haven't got a rooted phone, can I use DNS Manager?
Sure, you can use DNS Manager without root access. You can change your DNS on WiFi or on mobile network. But some features are only available on rooted devices.

Which features are available for rooted devices?
DNSCrypt support requires a rooted device. Autostart, automatic DNS change features also require rooted devices.

I want to buy DNS Manager PRO but I am not sure if my device is supported or not.
Please try the Free version first.

How can I root my device or install a custom recovery?
Rooting procedure changes device to device. Please search how to root (your device model) on the internet. I highly recommend TWRP as custom recovery. You can get more information about TWRP here.

How can I install DNSCrypt?
You need a rooted and custom recovery installed device.
Click here for full instructions.

Rootless DNS change requires VPN setup. What is that?
If your device is not rooted, the app creates a virtual VPN to change your DNS. This is not a real VPN, your traffic is not routed outside and your IP address is not changed.


How to add a DNS address that is not listed?
If you are using DNS Manager PRO, go to DNS Providers tab, enter the IP address to Custom DNS section. When you enter a valid IP address it will be automatically enabled. Remove the IP address and it will be disabled.

Can I enter custom DNSCrypt resolver?
For now, you cannot edit resolver list directly within the app.

Can I block malware, phishing or adult content?
Yes, you can use DNS Manager as an additional security element. Though it does not replace antimalware apps, you can block some dangerous sites by using safe DNS services. For example: Yandex.DNS Secure, Comodo Secure DNS, Norton ConnectSafe and OpenDNS have protection against phishing attacks and malware domains. To block adult content you can use Family DNS services.

Can I unblock content, bypass censorship?
If we are talking about DNS level censorship, yes. But most countries and networks use IP or content-based censorship. This app does not make you invisible on the network and it is not designed to prevent censorship. Please obey the law. Developer(s) doesn't accept responsibility.

I want to disable ads on my device, what can I do?
Ad disabling DNS services were not added to the application to comply with Google Play policies. You can manually enter any of ad blocking DNS addresses if you are using PRO version.
Alternate DNS:,
Adguard DNS:,

Can I test my DNS?
Yes, different 3rd party test tools are listed on https://dnsmanager.me/test

License & Refunds

Free version is ad-supported and functions are limited. I don't like that.
I know that. Free version is intended for testing purposes and for those who cannot afford Pro version.

I don't have Google Play Store. Can I buy a license?
Sorry, because of the pirated copies of DNS Manager Pro, I can no longer provide licenses out of Google Play. You can use Free version though.

License verification failed, what can I do?
Please make sure you have bought the PRO version from Google Play Store, not modified the APK file and you are connected to the internet.
You need to be signed in to the Google account you have purchased DNS Manager PRO. Please restart your phone if license check fails.

Do you offer refunds?
There is a free version of the app for you to try. Please try it first to see if everything works. You can refund your purchase soon after payment on the Google Play listing. After that period, I can't offer refunds and suggest you to contact Google Play support.